Welcome to LUG Hockey!


We are a competitive men’s hockey league whose goal is to provide players with a competitive playing environment in combination with social and league-oriented activities. It is our mission to provide every participant in LUG with a fast-paced high calibre level of hockey.




: Aberdeen division baby let's go
Ben Contini: Daddy's home!!!!!!!
: Papa??!!
: Shane Fergusson: Ben Contini has a little wee wee
Larry: can't wait for the season boys!
: Shut up Larry
: shane has a grease vajj
: Heard 5 steam has some new guns
: Kenny Lebovics has aids
: Kenny Lebovics also banged your mom last night...
: would be great if we had a schedule
: ^ true
: Schedule is up!
: losberg wheeled sav coffey]
: This year is going to be to easy
: Quack Quack Quack Qauck
John Cena: Stoked to lace the skates up tonight. Keep your head up dick cheese.
: good luck dick cheese
: glad i payed extra for this dope website, not
: glad were paying 500$ a person for these awesome jersey's and a website that works so well
: Will this website be updated by the playoffs?
: Wow! $500 dollars for practice jerseys and $15 dollars off each $100 dollars we spend at LULU! Great work guys
: Bring back Craig Miller
: finally the booze came in
: shirts are pretty legit tho
: Unreal set up! Love the Naughty Otter, Dope Jerseys and Website! Well Done boys
: The Commisioner: Stop whining you pansies. I am a commie i know how to make money and be a chad
: Wish we knew which rink we were playing on tonight...
: ^click on your game
: that doesnt tell you the rink.
: Oh it does
: Balaban plucks his gouch hair
: This is fun
Karen Procyk: Go Alex! Don't forget to tape your ankles. -mom
: who else copped lulu?
: are there going to be stats this year??
: Alex Procyk must be leading the league ? sure prolly
: are we going to get stats at all this year?
: so according to ale bouncers, our commish hasn't spoken to Ale and line skip is a no go right now.
: What's worse, this website or the Mustangs?
: We want line skip



: STGHL!!!
: i like turtles
: Noah Karlin
: steffaaan baud
: Luder bangs goats
: Commissioner Losberg!!
: is james gordon playing this year?
: Noah
: I dont know you Luder but your a fuckin beauty
: gas kitchen
: Salter is a dwarf
: Spencer Page cant skate
: my shoullldaaaaa
: - noah
: big daddddy's here
: deehhhhh
: wolfe is gonnna get mucked
: i <3 hockey platers
: TSN UPDATE: COREY TUSCHAK will be out 3-6 months with a very minor concussion, if your looking for him, he will be in a dark room complaining, claiming he can't look at a tv but playing video games 8 hours a day, and diagnosing peoples injuries because he is trained in first aid.
: Gas monkeys
: arad bangs goats
: floyd can't read
: This website is unreal!
: Do we get puck sluts being in this league?
: Where are the teams and rosters, where are the stats, where are our jerseys, where is my 400 bucks?
: ^ when you guys get to putting up the stats, make sure not to forget that I scored 1 goal, first ever of my career.
: Same here^
: ye
: hundo
: stats are up fellas
: Will Biderman is the best power forward in the league
: Adam Miller is the worst easily
: sooo fired up for tonight!!!! lets go boys
: player bios r unreal
: i like turtles
: Donnie is a jew
: ^ he ripped 2 last night so that should be updated
: barrs is gonna get lit up
: when is team night for that 25% off lulu
: Eric Yanofsky fucking blows
: donnie is a jew
: Lulu was sweet! Website is looking good, love the competition
: Halifax Highlanders suck
: the highlanders really do suck (-written by a highlander)